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Create the Life You Want with Science-Driven Techniques

A Successful Daily Routine and Long-Lasting Habit Change

You have the power inside of you to transform your habits. It’s time to reclaim it and step into the life you’ve been dreaming of. Born at Duke University, Fabulous was developed by behavioral science experts. Here, you’ll learn science-based strategies to improve your daily routines and habits, ultimately achieving your lifestyle goals.

Whether you wanzt to improve your mental health, fitness, nutrition, or productivity, Fabulous is here for you. You can also find support for coping with addiction, building healthy relationships, and more.Fabulous offers a guided approach to implementing long-lasting change. Acting as both a trusted mentor and an accountability partner, it allows you to see your progress in real time with its routine and habit tracker.

Transform Your Habits, Transform Your Life

Build Daily Routines

Your morning sets the tone for the day ahead. A well-structured routine will improve your productivity, motivation, and well-being, giving you more time and ease in life. Workday and evening routines bring balance to your day, adding moments of essential self-care to prevent burnout and help you find work-life joy.
With Fabulous, create personalised daily routines that work for you. Choose from our range of habits or add your own. Our handy habit tracker will keep you motivated to follow through and allow you to reflect on your progress.

Achieve Long-Lasting Change

Habits are hard-wired over time; attempting to change them with willpower is nearly impossible. Rest assured you’re not alone in this — it happens to all of us.
That’s why we infused Fabulous with science-based strategies to achieve long-lasting change. Here, personal growth becomes so simple that it’s almost inevitable. You’ll embark on a fascinating step-by-step journey toward your goals, with guidance and support along the way. Fabulous will equip you with the tools to build the life you dream of.

Practice Daily Self-Care

Wake your body up with an intense morning workout or wind down with a relaxing yoga session. Have a quiet moment of meditation and deep breathing. Listen to a soothing voice as you drift asleep. Declutter your space and block out distractions.
Self-care is different for everyone. Fabulous offers an extensive library of guides that will walk you through your rituals. You no longer need to switch between multiple apps — it’s all in one place for you to explore and enjoy.

Meet Your Personal Coach

The power to change your life lies within you. But it’s helpful to share your aspirations with others for support and feedback. Fabulous offers personalized guidance from one of our licensed coaches. Using a gentle but effective approach, they’ll work with you to develop an individualized plan for achieving your goals.
In our pre-recorded coaching series, browse a range of topics, such as burnout, self-care, emotional regulation, grief, habit-building, time management, anxiety, relationships, and many more.

Not Magic, Just Science

Fabulous covers a wide range of topics and activities, all hosted within the same app. You can personalize your experience to suit your lifestyle and goals. The daily habit and routine tracker helps you see how you progress over time and acts as an accountability partner.
Fabulous offers effective habit-building and self-care strategies backed by behavioral science. With over 10 million downloads, the app has a proven track record of helping its members transform their lives and achieve long-lasting change.

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